The last farm of Amsterdam wins the AFFR Audience Award 2023 - AFFR
9–13 Oct 2024
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The last farm of Amsterdam wins the AFFR Audience Award 2023

After each screening, we asked our visitors for their opinion of the film with the celebrated AFFR tear-off card. A convincing majority chose The last farm of Amsterdam by Bart Melief, about the much-discussed potential closure of care farm De Boterbloem, as the best film of AFFR 2023.

The last farm of Amsterdam wins the AFFR Audience Award 2023

Lutkemeerpolder is a small polder positioned between Schiphol and Amsterdam. Despite its size, it has generated plenty of discussion because of corruption scandals concerning land and lucrative zoning changes. Protests flare when De Boterbloem organic care farm is threatened with closure. They are led by the farmer, whose family have worked the land here for 114 years, and by tenacious campaigners who view the construction of distribution centres as disastrous for the landscape and climate. Oddly, the Amsterdam alderman concerned, a member of the Green Left Party, sees matters differently. Bart Melief followed developments around De Boterbloem for three years, which has resulted in a disturbing document and a finely measured tribute.

The film was introduced by Meta van Drunen, co-owner of Nieuwe Bodem and agroforestry specialist.


  1. The last farm of Amsterdam, Bart Melief, 2023
  2. All that Breathes, Shaunak Sen, 2022
  3. The Cathedral, Deniis Dobrovoda, 2022
  4. Skin of Glass, Denise Zmekhol, 2023
  5. Granddad and the Pier, Reuben Armstrong, 2023
  6. The train and the peninsula, Sky Richards & Andreas Kruger Foncerrada, 2023
  7. Soviet Bus Stops, Kristoffer Hegnsvad, 2022
  8. Living Labour, Renzo Sgolacchia, 2023
  9. Ladies Only, Rebana Liz John, 2021
  10. Point of Origin – Building a House in Austria, Frans Parthesius, 2023
film • city • architecture 9 - 13 Oct. 2024