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Hoe werkt PLAYTIME?

PLAYTIME is the online cinema of AFFR. Watch films on cities and architecture straight from the archives of the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam. You can choose between 10 different titles. Every week the programmers of AFFR will add two new films, so you can watch 50 films a year. Each film is paid per view; members of Club Fountainhead watch the films for free.

How it works:
select a film and click “watch film”
fill in the form or log in if you have an account;
select iDEAL of PayPal;
click on “payment”
you can watch your film for 48 hours.

In case you are not logged in you may have to login first, on the upper right of this screen.

Members Club Fountainhead:

Login on the upper right of this screen. After logging in you can watch all films for free! If you just bought your membership it may take up to day until your account is activated.

film • city • architecture 10 - 14 Oct. 2018