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9–13 Oct 2024
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AFFR explores the relationship between film, cities and architecture by programming and screening architecture films and by organizing introductions and debates.

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The Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam (AFFR) was established in 2000, and the foundation organized its festival the same year as the first architecture film festival in the world. Festivals also took place again in 2001 and 2003. In 2007 AFFR made a fresh start after a few years of silence. In 2009 the event expanded significantly in terms of visitor numbers and programming.

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AFFR’s top 5 for Sunday 8 October

Every day, the AFFR team highlights a number of films and specials. Here are Sunday 8 October's tips!

AFFR’s top 5 for Sunday 8 October

Filmtip #1: The View, 13:00

A prison cell with a view of a blank wall or of a magnificent landscape: which punishment is more severe? According to the Danes, Greenland’s detainees serving their sentences in Danish prisons deserve better: a cell that looks out over the familiar imposing landscape of Greenland. A sensitive look at the dilemmas that arise with the construction of a new prison on the coast of Greenland.

Filmtip #2: the Cathedral, 15:00

For 70 years, Justo Gallego worked on the construction of a cathedral of epic proportions – without drawings, without any knowledge of building technology, and almost without any money. When he died in 2021 at the age of 96, he left behind an astonishing building. A film about hope and determination.

Filmtip #3: After the End of the World, 17:15

Nadim Mishlawi searches in Beirut for traces of his past. His film explores how you look at a city while exploring Beirut. But this is no ordinary city: it’s a city without a plan, where streets suddenly become narrower and buildings disappear all at once, like in a dream.

Filmtip #4: White Plastic Skies, 18:45

Breathtaking science-fiction animation film that makes it abundantly clear how badly we treat the earth. In the year 2123, in the not too distant future, a young man tries to save his wife. The love pops off the screen, yet it remains dystopian.

Filmtip #5: Pyramiden, 19:00

With the Soviet ghost town of Pyramiden on Spitsbergen, you’ve got the perfect decor for a post-apocalyptic story. A hunter tormented by dreams of polar bears wanders through the vacant buildings and gradually loses his grip on reality. Things aren’t really helped when he comes across a futurist seedbank after his departure.

film • city • architecture 9 - 13 Oct. 2024