AFFR's top 4 for Saturday 7 October - AFFR
9–13 Oct 2024
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AFFR explores the relationship between film, cities and architecture by programming and screening architecture films and by organizing introductions and debates.

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We’re pleased to announce that AFFR has received a positive - and even laudatory - advice from the Cultuurplan Advisory Committee for the period 2025-2028, which is certainly something to be proud of: "In recent years, Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam…
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AFFR’s top 4 for Saturday 7 October

Every day, the AFFR team highlights a number of films and specials. Here are Saturday's 7 October's tips!

AFFR’s top 4 for Saturday 7 October

Filmtip #1: The Power of Utopia – Living with Le Corbusier in Chandigarh, 13:45

Seventy years after the first plans, The Power of Utopia examines what remains of Le Corbusier’ city of Chandigarh in India. Does his utopian vision of a modern and humane city hold up in the colourful, chaotic, overpopulated India of today?

Filmtip #2: The Train and the Peninsula with Q&A with Angel Sulub, 15:45

Some 1525 kilometres of railways tracks are being rolled out along the Yucatán peninsula, cradle of Mayan culture, as part of the massive project Tren Maya. The filmmakers calmly investigate what the inhabitants think of this, leaving plenty of space for the wonderful landscape. Followed by a Q&A with indigenous rights activist Angel Sulub, who features prominently in the film.

Filmtip #3: The Pavilion on the Water, 19:45

Exceptionally beautiful film about the Venetian architect Carlo Scarpa and his fascination for traditional Japanese architecture. A remarkable story about the search for the essence of beauty by one of the greatest architects.

Filmtip #4: A Plan for Paradise, 21:30

Build a city for 600,000 inhabitants in a valley outside Kathmandu. ‘We can do that,’ said the Finnish architecture firm Helin&Co. After winning a competition for a masterplan, they set to work briskly. What follows is a sometimes hilarious clash between two cultures.

film • city • architecture 9 - 13 Oct. 2024