JOB OPENING: Director (0.5 FTE) - AFFR
4–8 Oct 2023
film • stad • architectuur

Film – City – Architecture

AFFR explores the relationship between film, cities and architecture by programming and screening architecture films and by organizing introductions and debates.

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AFFR History

The Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam (AFFR) was established in 2000, and the foundation organized its festival the same year as the first architecture film festival in the world. Festivals also took place again in 2001 and 2003. In 2007 AFFR made a fresh start after a few years of silence. In 2009 the event expanded significantly in terms of visitor numbers and programming.

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Learn more about the people behind the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam

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Postal and visiting address, contact details

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Architectenweb interviews AFFR interim director Marieke Berkers

Marieke Berkers has been AFFR interim director since 1 January 2023. An architecture historian with over twenty years of experience as an independent researcher and writer, Marieke became treasurer of the AFFR board back in 2016 - so she is…
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JOB OPENING: Director (0.5 FTE)

The Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam - the leading international platform for films about the city and architecture – is growing and rejuvenating! We are looking for an enthusiastic director to lead our committed team and strengthen the position of AFFR, starting in January 2023.

JOB OPENING: Director (0.5 FTE)

The Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam (AFFR) is an annual film festival that programmes high-quality films accompanied by critical introductions and debates. In addition to the five-day festival every October, AFFR organizes a number of special events during the year (for example, during Rotterdam Architecture Month). AFFR highlights topical and complex urban problems. With such a vast range of moving images available, there is an increasing need for selection and interpretation, which is what makes the critical curatorial role played by AFFR so vital.

In the years ahead, AFFR wants to grow and rejuvenate by:

  • continuing to develop a project-based and collaborative organization with a sound financial basis;
  • expanding and deepening the programming with films, talks and debates;
  • continuing to develop the diverse character of the festival;
  • maintaining and collaborating with the many national and international organizations within the AFFR network;
  • attracting sponsors, including a main sponsor;
  • increasing, diversifying and rejuvenating the audience, with as ultimate goal a doubling of visitor numbers in three years’ time.

AFFR is a foundation with an operational staff composed of a director, curator, editors, communications and marketing team, production team, technicians and volunteers. The general coordination and final responsibility for the festival lies with the festival director, who is accountable to the foundation board.

The director:

  • is the ‘face’ of AFFR and the first point of contact for external parties 
  • leads the core team
  • works an average of 2.5 days a week. The time demand is not evenly spread throughout the year. There are peak periods in February and March (formulating the annual programme and securing funding) and in September and October (festival). 
  • supervises an enthusiastic team of communications officers, technical specialists and editors
  • works preferably as a freelance employee
  • draws up the multi-year artistic and strategic policy and annual programme in consultation with the curator
  • devises, develops, coordinates and produces (new) programmes and projects in consultation with the team
  • coordinates fundraising and recruiting of sponsors
  • oversees the drawing up of budgets, interim financial reports for the board and the annual report, and liaises with the accountant
  • ensures that the financial accounts are balanced
  • supervises the artistic reporting for annual reports, grant applications, etc.
  • is the first point of contact for the board and the business networking programme of AFFR, the King Kong Business Club
  • is jointly responsible for the implementation of policy in relation to cultural codes (Governance Code Culture, Fair Practice Code, Cultural Diversity & Inclusion Code).

We are looking for a director who:

  • oversees the management of AFFR on the basis of substantive commitment
  • works efficiently in a project-based manner
  • has leadership qualities and experience
  • expresses a clear vision of how to position film and architecture in changing times
  • possesses a relevant national and international network and wants to expand this
  • further develops the national and international profile of AFFR 
  • ensures the continued growth of the festival by securing fundraising and sponsors.

We offer:

  • a freelance commission for an average of 2.5 days a week, with the intention of collaborating for a number of years 
  • a freelance agreement for 1,000 hours per annum. Salary indication: comparable with festival directors in the collective labour agreement table for festivals. 
  • flexible working hours
  • office space in a multi-tenant building for creatives in Rotterdam close to Central Station.

Information and procedure:

  • Are you interested in applying for the position of director? Send your CV and cover letter to Jacob van Rijs, chair of the AFFR board, at, no later than 31 October 2022.
  • The AFFR board is responsible for selecting candidates.
  • For more information about this position and salary, please send an email to and/or call Marieke Berkers (treasurer of the AFFR board): 06-466 11 870.
  • Two rounds of interviews are scheduled in the weeks of 31 October and 7 November.
  • A period of job familiarization in November and December 2022, but the new director will take up the position on 1 January 2023.
film • city • architecture 4 - 8 Oct. 2023