Program AFFR 2018

We are proud to present to you the tenth edition of the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam. Once again our editors — assisted by a team of critical viewers — have scouted and selected a range of films about the city and architecture, and gathered them into an exciting programme. It includes portraits of well-known or lesser-known designers, activist essays about pressing problems, hilarious reflections on bygone times, and tranquil scenes of great beauty.  ...

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Opening Night

On Wednesday 10 October, AFFR kicks off its tenth edition with the European premiere of The Experimental City (Chad Freidrichs, 2017), a stunning documentary about The Minnesota Experimental City. A fascinating journey through time in search of the city of the future. Filled with attention-grabbing science fiction from the 1960s, this film seems more relevant than ever. And perfectly in...

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Ticket sales

All information about tickets, Festival Pass and 'Architectenweb Best of AFFR'

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Building Happiness

The theme of AFFR 2018 is ‘Building Happiness’. We live in a period of economic boom. Construction, development and speculation are in full swing again, and resounding growth rates are the norm. The tourist industry is working at full capacity, bringing millions of tourists to cities with attractive architecture. Yet there is growing recognition that we cannot separate our concept...

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The tenth AFFR takes place from 10 to 14 October 2018. After the opening film, the festival moves to LanterenVenster cinema. This year the AFFR will again welcome dozens of international filmmakers and an expected 7500 fans of films, city and architecture from all over the world. 

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Film – City – Architecture

AFFR explores the relationship between film, cities and architecture by programming and screening architecture films and by organizing introductions and debates.

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AFFR History

The Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam (AFFR) was established in 2000, and the foundation organized its festival the same year as the first architecture film festival in the world. Festivals also took place again in 2001 and 2003. In 2007 AFFR made a fresh start after a few years of silence. In 2009 the event expanded significantly in terms of visitor numbers and programming.

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The people behind the festival

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Press information

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Look back #5: Sunny Sunday with Rick Prelinger’s Lost Landscapes of New York

The tenth edition of the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam came to an end with a final sunny Sunday, during which we were treated to Rick Prelinger's fantastic Lost Landscapes of New York. We hope to see you all at our…
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AFFR Opening Night:
Cholet, the work of Freddy Mamani (music by Moby)

AFFR opens with world premiere of the cheerfully colourful architecture film about unconventional architect Freddy Mamani from Bolivia.

AFFR Opening Night:<br>Cholet, the work of Freddy Mamani (music by Moby)

The opening film of AFFR 2017 has been announced. On Wednesday 4 October, AFFR kicks off the ninth edition of the festival with the world premiere of the cheerfully colourful architecture film Cholet: The Work of Freddy Mamani by the Brazilian director Isaac Niemand, about the astonishing buildings by Bolivian autodidact Freddy Mamani. The opening takes place at Theater Rotterdam (Schouwburg), starting at 20:30, in the presence of Mamani and the director Isaac Niemand himself. The film will be followed by the spectacular AFFR Party in the foyer.

For the past fifteen years, self-taught architect Freddy Mamani has been working on his ‘Cholets’. With their hallucinating colours and unruly baroque forms, the buildings appear as striking objects in the unremarkable landscape of El Alto. Mamani has already completed more than sixty of them, and the phenomenon is grabbing the attention of people around the world. Are the Cholets exotic extravaganzas or expressions of authentic architecture? With this high-spirited film, AFFR takes viewers to Bolivia for a unique introduction to Freddy Mamani, the ‘Gaudi of the Andes’!

Tickets + info

Film: Cholet, the work of Freddy Mamani (2017), world premiere
Director: Isaac Niemand
Date: Wednesday 4 October
Start film: 20h30
Venue: Theater Rotterdam (Schouwburg)
Tickets: Buy your tickets (€ 12,50) for Cholet, the work of Freddy Mamani + AFFR-Party on Wednesday 4 October online via the website of Theater Rotterdam.


film • city • architecture 9 - 13 Oct. 2019
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