Inez Weski gives guest introduction for The ViewSat 7 Oct, 17:45 - AFFR
4–8 Oct 2023
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Saturday 7 October, 17:45

Inez Weski gives guest introduction for The View
Sat 7 Oct, 17:45

A special guest to a special film: criminal lawyer Inez Weski will provide the introduction to The View, a disenchanting film about misunderstandings that arise with the construction of a new prison on the coast of Greenland. Which punishment is more severe, A prison cell with a view of a blank wall or of a magnificent landscape? And how can you measure the ethics of imprisonment?

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According to the Danes, Greenland’s detainees serving their sentences in Danish prisons deserve better: a cell that looks out over the familiar imposing landscape of Greenland. A young architecture firm sets to work briskly on this assignment on the coast of Greenland, but the detainees are scarcely consulted for input. The film follows the growing miscommunication between optimistic believers in progress, prisoners and inhabitants. A disenchanting registration of the dilemmas that stem from good intentions and from cultural misunderstandings between users and designers.

“Just a general warning to you all about the world of detention: never rely on the good intentions of the state and its minions. It is you alone who has to deal with the will to survive, to keep your sense of humanity or just rot.”

– Inez Weski


NB: Inez Weski’s appearance at the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam is a private matter. She will not publicly discuss her own case. Inez Weski will not give interviews, nor will she answer questions before, during or after her lecture. Camera crews are not welcome in the cinema or in the foyer of LantarenVenster. Ms Weski’s performance will not be recorded. AFFR does not grant permission to take photographs or film recordings with a mobile phone during her lecture.


Ole Stenum, 2020
Saterday 7 October 17:45
LantarenVenster Room 1
film • city • architecture 4 - 8 Oct. 2023