2019 - AFFR
9–13 Oct 2024
film • stad • architectuur

Film – City – Architecture

AFFR explores the relationship between film, cities and architecture by programming and screening architecture films and by organizing introductions and debates.

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AFFR part of Cultuurplan
2025 – 2028

We’re pleased to announce that AFFR has received a positive - and even laudatory - advice from the Cultuurplan Advisory Committee for the period 2025-2028, which is certainly something to be proud of: "In recent years, Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam…
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Festival 2019

Lost in Transition

Enormous population growth, climate change, mass migration and increasing social inequality; the world is currently in a state of great flux. Insecurity is becoming paramount to our concerns now that new global forces arise, the power of populist movements is growing and pressure mounts on the European project. With the theme ‘Lost in Transition’ AFFR 2019 explores the need for a change in our way of thinking and living to guarantee a new world that is fairer and more sustainable. How will designers, city makers and builders shape this new world? Do new insights and technological solutions provide security for the future or have we become paralysed and ‘Lost in Transition’?

I like the combination of hardcore architecture with more broadly ‘place’ oriented documentaries.

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Top 5

The best films of AFFR 2019

A Concrete Cinema

A Concrete Cinema is an uplifting film about one man’s perseverance and his love of cinema. Subtle, atmospheric and congenial, a film that rekindles your faith in mankind.

The World Before Your Feet

The simple act of walking turns out to offer a totally different way of looking at the urban surroundings.


Filmed on 70mm, Playtime grew to become a classic about film and architecture, best seen on the big screen. A film forever ‘lost in transition’ between tradition and modernity.

Gateways to New York

Gateways to New York is a breathtaking account of the adventurous life of a brilliant engineer and a portrait of an era in which the automobile changed the face of the US definitively.


Gary Hustwit, the man behind the successful design documentaries Urbanized, Objectified and Helvetica, steps into the shoes of Rams to uncover the secrets behind his designs.

I love film, architecture & urbanism. This combination is great!

film • city • architecture 9 - 13 Oct. 2024