Architectuur Film Festival • 5 - 9 Okt 2022
4–8 Oct 2023
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All the information you need about the programme of the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam 2023

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Speakers festival 2023

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Film – City – Architecture

AFFR explores the relationship between film, cities and architecture by programming and screening architecture films and by organizing introductions and debates.

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AFFR History

The Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam (AFFR) was established in 2000, and the foundation organized its festival the same year as the first architecture film festival in the world. Festivals also took place again in 2001 and 2003. In 2007 AFFR made a fresh start after a few years of silence. In 2009 the event expanded significantly in terms of visitor numbers and programming.

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Architects in the picture at AFFR - AFFR

Architects in the picture at AFFR

As every year, AFFR will again show a series of architect portraits in 2023, from CIAM founder Sven Markelius to Eliot Noyes - the man who introduced corporate identity to…

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Final tickets!<br>Architectenweb Best of AFFR 2023<br>Sun 8 Oct, 13:00 - AFFR

Final tickets!
Architectenweb Best of AFFR 2023
Sun 8 Oct, 13:00

‘What could be better than spending Sunday afternoon binge-watching the four top titles of the festival? The Architectenweb Best of AFFR is really enjoyable every time!’

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AFFR 2023 Bestsellers almost sold out! - AFFR

AFFR 2023 Bestsellers almost sold out!

Ticket sales for AFFR 2023 are going fast, and this is especially true for the following three bestsellers: Siza, The View and The Mies van der Rohe's.

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AFFR Opening Night<br>A Plan for Paradise<br>Sold out - AFFR

AFFR Opening Night
A Plan for Paradise
Sold out

The AFFR Opening Night on Wednesday 4 October is completely sold out. There are still tickets for the screening of A Plan for Paradise on Saturday 7 October, 21:30

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Rotterdam Speciaal:<br>Potable water and dry feet<br>Fri 6 Oct, 15:00 - AFFR
Festival 2023

Rotterdam Speciaal:
Potable water and dry feet
Fri 6 Oct, 15:00

Will we take potable water and dry feet for granted in the future? Is our management of water levels and water supplies a match for climate change? On the basis…

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Alison Smithson’s study as VR in the lobby of LantarenVenster - AFFR

Alison Smithson’s study as VR in the lobby of LantarenVenster

The installation Alison's Room explores the possibilities of virtual and mixed reality technologies in relation to archival studies and design research. To this end Paula Strunden recreated the original work…

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Westerns and the landscape<br>with Martin Koolhoven:<br>The Taking, Sat 7 Oct, 19:15 - AFFR

Westerns and the landscape
with Martin Koolhoven:
The Taking, Sat 7 Oct, 19:15

Martin Koolhoven, one of the Netherlands' most successful filmmakers and director of the first Dutch western, Brimstone, talks to AFFR curator Jord den Hollander about filmmaking and the role of…

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Archined Classic: Stalker by Andrei Tarkovsky<br>Sun 8 Oct, 19:00 - AFFR
Festival 2023

Archined Classic: Stalker by Andrei Tarkovsky
Sun 8 Oct, 19:00

An Archined classic is a feature film that the Archined editors feel every designer should see. For this edition of AFFR, the selected classic is Stalker, the ultimate trip through…

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The Masters: Susan Schuppli<br>on forensic architecture<br>Fri 6 Oct, 19:15 - AFFR

The Masters: Susan Schuppli
on forensic architecture
Fri 6 Oct, 19:15

In her talk, researcher Susan Schuppli highlights how architecture and film can be used as methods to get a grip on Contested Spaces

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Contested Spaces Debate –<br>Do you see what I see?<br>Fri 6 Oct, 17:15 - AFFR
Festival 2023

Contested Spaces Debate –
Do you see what I see?
Fri 6 Oct, 17:15

What does it mean to share our lives with one another on earth? People experience the same reality in different ways. On the basis of a selection of film fragments…

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BNA/BNI Debate:<br>The Young Architect<br>then and now – Thu 5 Oct, 19:15 - AFFR
Festival 2023

BNA/BNI Debate:
The Young Architect
then and now – Thu 5 Oct, 19:15

On 5 October, AFFR, the BNA and the BNI will organise a special, double film screening and debate with the theme 'The Young Architect - then and now'. On the…

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The View with guest introduction<br>Inez Weski – sold out - AFFR
Festival 2023

The View with guest introduction
Inez Weski – sold out

Tickets are still available for the screening on Sunday 8 October, 13:00, without a guest introduction but with the short film Urban Solutions.

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Festival Pass 2023 - AFFR

Festival Pass 2023

The AFFR Festival Pass gives you access to all films and specials of AFFR 2023, including the opening night. For just € 79.50, you can choose from nearly 100 film…

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Programme themes 2023:<br>Indian Nights, Trash<br>and Radical Times - AFFR
Festival 2023

Programme themes 2023:
Indian Nights, Trash
and Radical Times

In 2023, AFFR will again present a number of programme themes that tie in with the festival's main theme - Contested Space - such as a series of films about…

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film • city • architecture 4 - 8 Oct. 2023
4 to 8 Oct.2023